Chill Scenes

      Yet another week has gone by and it’s still summer and it doesn’t seem to get any better. And i get it that it’s absolutely normal to go for an outfit that’s uber comfortable. But while doing so, we tend to neglect the presentability of the outfit and I wouldn’t blame you for that one bit. Given a choice, I’d spend my entire summer wearing tank tops and boxers, but let’s try not to do so!

      Having said that,I found the perfect outfit that’s high on comfort and effortlessly stylish. See it’s like you really gotta focus on comfort but at the same time make sure you make a statement.

      Summer dressing is all about light colors, breathable fabrics, oversized top wear, which doesn’t need to be boring. And you feel it is boring, play around with accessories, go for some interesting eyewear, beaded or leather jewellery, printed shoes, detailed bags. Play with colors especially with the accessories. I’d say it’s okay even if you go for say one element that’s a lil loud as long as you mute it with the rest of the outfit.

      Now coming to the oufit that I have put together. I had picked up this shirt by Strawlous at an event and I couldn’t wait to style it! It’s a white shirt with a lovely unusual Paisley print and denim details, so all favorites in one. But most importantly, it’s light, it’s breathable and the fabric is precisely summer appropriate. I teamed it with detailed linen comfy pants, a pair of denim plimsolls which go so well with the denim details on the shirt.

      And as I had said earlier, play around with accessories but I always tend to go minimal. Blue reflective sunglasses, a printed bucket backpack and metallic wrist watch.

      You could wear this look for a day out, while chilling with your homies, when you’re at uni, or whenever. I even wore it for a meeting, I mean it’s so comfortable and has such a day tripper vibe to it. Basically chill scenes.

      So do let me know what you guys think of this outfit. And also let me know what exactly is it that you’d want me to post about so I can work on that for y’all! Happy summer!










Photo credits: Bhupesh Kaura

Shirt: Strawlous
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Street store ( Linking Road, Bandra, Mumbai)
Sunglasses: Knockaround
Bag: Wardrobe 77
Watch: Longines

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