Classic Basic

     Over the years, fashion has evolved. And its like any good brand, you keep the identity, you keep the DNA, but it needs to be updated. But having said that, a few things are timeless. You might not see the them through the years and through all the seasons, but they’re very much essential and keep making a come back. They’re Classic!
     So this week i thought i would take inspiration from these classics and put together an outfit. The outfit is very subtle but still stand out. And even tough i keep saying that you must keep one Focal Point in your outfit, this time round i haven’t done so, since the elements are strong in their own way and they compliment and balance each other in a way that the entire outfit becomes the focus.

So lets start with the shirt. Its a light pink shirt with contrasting white cuffs and a white mandarin collar(a.k.a Chinese collar or a Nehru collar). These were sported by politicians in India since the 50’s and are still very popular.These were also seen on the combat uniforms of certain armed forces. They signify strength and structure.

The trousers, brown, with a lovely windowpane check pattern. The origins of this pattern can be traced back to old Scotland. It was major in the fashion scene but faded away. But its making a strong comeback. Far from the boring, it is interesting and exudes sophistication.

For shoes, i went for faux suede full brogue shoes. The Brogue finds its roots in Ireland and back then they were made from untanned hide with perforations. Brogues can be found in many kinds, but the one that i have chosen is a Full Brogue or a Wingtip! And i have always been fond of suede, so this pair was like a dream come true!

The bag i chose is a modern take on the classic Messenger bag. Made popular by the postal workers and royal mail carries back in the day in the United Kingdom, has always been in fashion and has evolved over a period time. But it still looks as classic as it did and doesn’t compromise on utility.

To complete the look, you could opt for a very minimal analog timepiece and say tortoise shell pattern vintage style sunglasses, with may be just a lil metallic detail! So i went for the Miami Havana by HIDESIGN.

     So these were some of the classics to put together a very subtle yet interesting look. Also the fact that some of the elements that i picked were a modernized version of the classic, really helped take the outfit to another level.

     I was a lil nervous while doing this post, because its actually going against what i say, but then at times, rules are meant to be broken. And then risks don’t pay up unless they’re taken! So do let me know if you like this post, and i you have any comments or suggestions!







Photo Credits: Bhupesh Kuara


Shirt: Arrow

Trousers: Mr. Button (

Shoes: ZARA


Sunglasses: HIDESIGN (

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