La Camisa Negra feat. INDIAN THREADS

      So post this shoot I was chilling with my photographer, he edited the pictures right in front of me and as he did that I kept wondering what do I exactly name this blog post. And I dunno what  to call this, but this on the shuffle of his itunes, this song started playing and I was like I gotta to name this, this!

      Basically ‘La Camisa Negra’ means ‘The Black Shirt’. Ideally I’d say that a black shirt is a menswear essential, but it’s high time we start moving a lil ahead of the basics and the essentials. So I was looking for something that’s not just a solid black shirt. Something interesting going on with it. Something that would catch the eye but would still be subtle and classic. And I found just what I was looking for at INDIAN THREADS.

      INDIAN THREADS that goes by the tag line ‘Helping Indian Men Look Dapper, One Gentleman At A Time!’ is an online style destination that will bring you premium, sharp and super stylish shirts that are made in India. I have been following their collections and what I loved about them is that they have such signature shirts but they manage to make them very wearable and subtle. I’m gonna leave the link to their website down below in the details. Do go and check it out!

      So I chose 3 shirts of which the one I loved the most is this black one with 2 grey stripes of different thickness, with a lovely black dotted pattern which gives an illusion of a micro perforation. The fabric is super soft and very much breathable. I wouldn’t wear black on a hot sunny day, but this one, I can for sure. Oh and the other 2, you'll get to see 'em soon!

      I have styled it in a way that it can be appropriate during the day as well as for a night setting. For an occasion where you need to look a lil dressed up or an evening where you wanna look good and yet be minimal and feel comfortable is what I had in mind when I put together this look. With the shirt being the focal point, I went for a light washed pair of denims, a black leather belt and a cobalt blue pair of shoes for a pop of color.

      Now let me clarify one thing. It is imperative to match the color and texture of the shoes and the belt ONLY when it comes to dress shoes. Do not try to match bright fashion sneakers with your belt. It will not look nice if you do this with yellow or blue or mint or red or such colors.

      Back to the outfit that’s in focus. Minimal  accessories. A pair of aviator sunglasses, a black envelop clutch bag and may be a metallic watch if you’d like. To transition from day to night, get rid of the sunglasses and add hipster glasses. And also you don’t need to have the shirt tucked in if it’s an evening. So basically what we’re looking at it something that’s high on style without having too much going on and something that’s high on, most importantly, comfort! A perfect example of ‘Less is More’!











Photo Credits : Ram Indranil Kamath



Denims: LEE

Shoes: ZARA

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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