Reviewed: Wood Works Inc.

       Since some time, I have been noticing that ‘Wood’ has become major. I have been seeing wooden accessories being sported by many of the dandies all around the globe and India isn’t far behind. Men have started taking effort into what goes into the outfit. They aren’t afraid to take a risk or to go that extra mile to make sure they not only look on point but interesting as well! Accessories play a major role in this process of detailing. But there comes a time when everything is already done and there isn’t anything new for the eye. That’s probably when wooden ones have come into the picture and I think they’re here to stay!
        And I have been wanting to do a post about wooden details since a while and I found just the brand that will sort you out on this one. Wood Works Inc. is an Indian company that brings to you some of really interesting wooden accessories that will help you up your style game. With a wide variety ranging from Sunglasses and Reading glasses, Bow Ties and Brooches, each of these have some really interesting designs.

20        Every product that they manufacture goes through a series of process to make sure that you get the best output. High quality wood is sourced locally as well as from the international markets which is accurately sized on it’s arrival. Using state of the art laser technology, these are carved and shaped in to the frame. Once these are dry polished and wax polished, they are cleaned and painted and finally the assembly takes place after which your super stylish wooden accessory is read!
        Now there’s not just variety in the products, there’s a massive range of different woods that you could opt for depending on the pigmentation and the textural appeal. You get to pick from Bamboo, Black Walnut, Zebra wood, Ebony, Oakwood, Rosewood, my personal favorites being the Bamboo and the Rosewood.

So now let’s get down to exactly what they offer:

Reading Glasses and Sunglasses:
        So what I like most about their range of eye wear, is that they have kept the frames very simple and they’ve let the woods do all the talking. I mean go to see all of these are super wearable. Usually people go a lil overboard and its looks like there’s too much going on. But these guys have mastered what is called, ‘Minimalism’. They have rectangular frames, round frames, frames that are a lil wider, designs that are classics, designs that are contemporary. Also have an extensive range of options for the kind of lens that you would like for your sunglasses. So basically doesn’t matter what style you like to stick to, these guys have something in store for everyone! Moreover each pair is so light and comfortable and from the feel of it and the amount of efforts that go into these, I can say that these would last you for a pretty long time.




Bowties and Brooches:
         Now for something that is usually made out of a softer material with a flow, getting a solid alternative seems a lil risky. But with the kind of finish that these guys provide on their bowties is quite remarkable. It’s like these pieces are appropriately edgy. The Bowties come in various shapes some are solid, some have flow, some are just the frame of a bowtie. Again these come with options of different woods that impart different color and different detail through texture. In addition is a small fabric detailing with a an interesting pattern which makes it look very classy. With the Brooches, they have gone a lil three dimensional with the appeal. The layering effect in the floral brooches surely stands out and the delicate fabric play gives it that pop of color that serves either to coordinate or to draw attention to.



       So these were the products that Wood Works Inc. has to offer, and even though it’s just a few months old, they have shown a lot of technique in production, dedication to quality, and innovation in design. They offer products that are effortlessly stylish, super comfortable at and at prices much lesser than their international counterparts. So I would totally recommend that you guys head on to their website and take a look at their collections. ( I haven’t featured all of their products here, there are many more on their website and social media) I will leaving the links to their website as well as social media down below, under the pictures of the pairs that I got to choose!
Also since this is my first brand review I would love to get your feedback. Let me know what you think could be added, and also if there are any brands that you would want me to review. Cheers!

       Links to WOOD WORKS INC.


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