Perfect Purple Print Feat. INDIAN THREADS

       If you guys remember, I had done a blog post ‘La Camisa Negra’ in which I had featured a simple back shirt with an interesting grey detailing by this company called INDIAN THREADS. I had basically picked up 3 shirts of which one was the black, one was a white and one, a purple. So in this post I shall style the purple shirt. Now purple happens to be one of my favorite colors. I think it’s such a deep subtle color which can look very regal if worked well with it. It’s such an easy color to work with. You can dress it up or dress it down. But the issue with me is that I’m a lil fussy when it comes to picking up a good purple. And after a very long time I came across a good printed purple shirt and I absolutely had to get it!
        Now let’s talk about the shirt! As I have mentioned earlier, INDIAN THREADS have a knack to make shirts, that are subtle but interesting! They stand out but easily blend in. This one is no exception. The shirt has a solid deep purple background, over which there is a cellular print in a dark lavender and white dots. And darn it, I could’ve named the post Deep Purple! But cant! Anyway what I loved the most, is the way the small lavender and smaller white specs on the deep purple make it look like a perfect purple that I had been looking for and this was the 1st one that I chose of the three.
        And as always I wanted to keep one focal point, the purple shirt. So I went for a really simple street style look which can be super versatile. How so? That I shall get to in a bit. So I styled the shirt with a pair of grey chinos. (Chinos again are very easy to style. They can be dressed up or dressed down very easily without compromising on the comfort.) A pair of white low top sneakers. A classic pair of black wayfarer sunglasses and a good black duffle bag. It’s a very easy going look that you can sport on a day out, an informal meeting, while hanging out or even on a date.
        Now you can dress this shirt up on various levels. I would’ve loved to actually demonstrate that but when I shot it was a li too hot and humid for me to do much. But anyway, you can go for an open collar button, tucked out look with sleeves rolled up and accessorize with a metallic wrist watch and some minimal bracelets. Or an open collar button look with a black leather belt and black leather pair of oxfords with a brief case and a leather strap time piece for a business meeting kind of a look. And if you wish to go really fashion forward you could go for a buttoned up, tucked in look with tan brogues, a good messenger bag and you can even go ahead and add a navy toggled jacket or a classic black leather double breasted jacket or even a good cardigan.
        So moral of the story, I really think that a good purple shirt is a must have. And the best part is, not many use it that well. It’s a highly under rated piece that I feel should me made use of by any modern day dandy! And for more such pieces do visit the INDIAN THREADS website and check out their collection! I will be leaving the link down below in the details! Cheers!









Photo Credits: Ram Indranil Kamath

Chinos: Zara
Shoes: New Look
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Bag: Hugo Boss

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