Black ‘N Blue Feat. FUGAZEE

       While building a wardrobe, you initially should go for basic essential pieces. That will be the foundation of your wardrobe. After which you should go for classic versatile pieces which would be an add on and would complete your outfit. Now once you’re done with the basics and the add ons, you tend to find your style and look for signature pieces that kinda define what your style is. I’m always on the lookout for something fresh, something interesting, something I haven’t tried and that’s when I came across this really cool street style brand FUGAZEE!
        Basically, there’s absolutely nothing basic about FUGAZEE. You’ll find that all the pieces that they showcase are uber cool. These guys have cracked the perfect balance between radical and minimal. Like their designs are far from simple but then by no means do they look odd or off balance. And what I loved the most about them is that they’re true to what they stand for. They make clothes for the ones who like their clothes. Nowhere will you notice an attempt to make their designs in a way that they would sell more, just for the sake of making sales. And also that they have really rad stuff that is brilliant not just stand out, but with add ons as well and a really affordable price. I’m gonna link em below in the detail. You guys will be so happy once you look at their collections.
        So the piece that I picked up from them is the ‘All Black Thumbhole Kurta’. So this one is a cross between an essential crew neck t-shirt and a knee length kurta. It’s probably in the most comfortable and breathable fabric. Like I shot in the afternoon and it didn’t even feel like i had worn black and full sleeves. And these guys pay such attention to detail, there’s a band of velvet around the neck covering the inner stitch. So the full sleeve kurta has this really cool thumbhole detail that you don’t usually get to see. All in all, it’s minimal and yet a stand out!
        With a piece so prominent, the styling needs to be a lil more on the subtle side and that’s why I went with the classic combination of black and blue but with a little twist of my own. This combination is usually quite sober and subtle. So to elevate the entire look, what I did is, I played with the blue by using 3 different shades of blue. So I styled the All Black Thumbhole Kurta with a pair of medium wash denims that I pin rolled around the ankles. So that as the first shade of blue, the second one being the cobalt blue low top sneakers and the third one, as a deep ultramarine blue and black holdall bag. Simple accessories, a few metallic rings, a chain hooked to the denims (which wouldn’t really be seen) and grey reflective sunglasses. Oh and also a cobalt blue retro phone as well, if that counts! With stand out pieces you should slightly dress drown the way I did here and let the kurta do the talking. If you try to dress it up too much, you would be taking away from the vibe of the piece. If you’d like, you could probably add a wrist watch over the sleeve, but it needs to be robust and fitting. But as far as possible, keep it simple. See for yourself!
        So guys I hope you liked this post, it’s something I hadn’t done before. Also make sure you go and check out the full collections by FUGAZEE! Oh and they also have their monthly Limited Edition pieces that you better check out coz I as I just said, its ‘limited’ edition and they sell out like hot cakes! I have linked it below in the details! And oh! They have their own app as well, so be sure to give that a try as well! This is your one stop street style solution!












Photo Credits : Bhupesh Kaura


( , Instagram : @fugazeeinc , Facebook: Fugazee and you can directly download their app from your appstore/playstore)
Denims: LEE
Shoes: ZARA
Sunglasses: Knockaround
Retro Phone: Bandra

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