Camo Deconstructed Feat. Jas Hora

       We all know that Camo (Camouflage) is major in winters owing to the deep hues it comes in. So I decided to take it up a notch by adding a lil twist of my own on it. Usually you’ll find camo as an overall print of military green, brown, black, beige, tan, grey and its tints, tones and shades. But the camo you usually see all these colors all in the same piece of clothing. So I decided, why not deconstruct it, hero each of these colors and put together a look!?
        Also camo being a print, one usually tends to have an element of it and then it’s muted with subtle pastel or solid colors. This leads to the camo being used more in the street style or something that’s more high street. So again I thought that since we are changing things a lil, why not put together an outfit that is extremely dapper and elegant and still maintain the camo!?
        Basically the Camo trend finds its root in the military uniforms that help the soldiers to not be spotted easily by being camouflaged with the forest like terrain. The transfer of camo from warfare to civilians can be dated back to the early 1900’s. And once it started, it’s become a statement trend which is here to stay. And even though people began by using the exact same pieces from a soldier’s uniform, today we can see that it wasn’t restricted to just that. You’ll find bags, shoes, shirts, vests, sport coats, quirky suits and a lot! Also these days you would find interpretations of camo in different colors and even in monochromes like of red, blue, grey even pink! But since I happen to be sort of a traditionalist, I decided to stick to the authentic camo that there is and use colors like deep green, brown, grey, black and tan!
        As I mentioned earlier, I was looking for a very dapper look that would exude old world charm! In one of my recent visits to Delhi, I happened to meet a bespoke designer Jas Hora who owns a label, Studio JSH B’spoke. And the kind of variety of work that his studio is home to completely confused me as to what I should pick because there was just so much that I loved and so much that I wanted to pick up. And he was kind enough to notice that and suggested that we go for something that would match my sensibility as well as his and agreed upon custom making a deep green double breasted jacket! With a perfect cut and an even better fit, this is what he came up with for me! I shall leave the links to his label down below. Do go and check it out!
        Alright now I’ve already told you the focal point of my outfit, I’ll take you through how I styled it. Remember, we are to keep the things very elegant and dapper. So I went for a pair of brown checked trousers, a stone grey shirt that has a slight sheen to it and also an interesting offset button down collar. To complete the look I chose a pair of black leather oxford inspired lace up shoes, a tan camel leather backpack which has a hint of rose gold a pair of classic black wayfarer sunglasses, a delicate metallic wrist watch in silver and gold, and a gold moustache brooch on the lapel of the double breasted jacket!
        So as you can see, this look is a lot of old world glamour, with the double breasted jacket, and the checked trousers and the classic wayfarers, I’d probably see me wear this at an formal dinner, or a wine and cheese event, or to watch a polo game at the gold course or someplace really elegant. Also if you like you could chose to change the use of colors, like may be go for a grey or a brown jacket or a sport coat, may be put together a similar look but something a lil more sporty or street style, So the options are unlimited. And this can be something really unique but still a got to when such events call for it! Camo’s here to stay. So why not deconstruct it and take it to the next level!?













 Photo Credits: Bhupesh Kaura

Double breasted jacket: Jas Hora
Trousers: Mr. Button
Shirt: Zodiac
Shoes: Metro
Backpack: Street market in Rajasthan
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Brooch: Pataaka

Links to Jas Hora
Instagram: @studiojshbspoke
Facebook: Studio JSH B’spoke

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