Airport Chic

       An Airport Look! That’s something that has been trending since a while now! Since the holiday season is approaching, and I assumed that you all have your vacations already planned , I’d might as well talk about this on! And even though it’s the ladies that have a wider spectrum for experimenting on this one, men aren’t holding back either. So basically the airport fashion trend started by iconic personalities from the entertainment business who are perennially hounded by the paparazzi. Being a public figure, it’s imperative that every appearance that they make, they show a certain appropriateness , especially the way they dress among others.
       What started as an etiquette, developed into something very personal and expressive. Basically people started taking an effort in dressing up and making a statement even while traveling. A lot of experimentation, a lot of hits and a lot of misses. And as influencers did so, the regular ,masses to started opting for statement making outfits while traveling, either by recreating the outfits that are worn by the influencers, or by personalizing the trend and wearing what makes them feel the most comfortable yet stylish.
       Essentially an airport look is something that’s on trend and yet is exceedingly comfortable. You’re gonna be traveling. You’re gonna be tired. You really don’t want clothes that make you uncomfortable more than what the plane seats do. So what I suggest is you opt for something that’s a lil more on the loungewear side but have that elevated on the style quotient by taking pieces that look fly and make you feel comfy. You’re gonna be changing time zones, so you need something that you’d be comfortable to sleep in. You’re gonna be shifting climate zones, so you need something that can help you tackle the climate change. So even though it might seem like, ‘Oh ! Imma look so fly walking outta that airport!’, a lot of things need to be looked into while deciding your airport look.
       Comfort and convenience should be key! You need to layer up in a way that is appropriate for the flight as well as your destination. If it’s a hotter climate you’re flying to, get something you can easily take off. You need a layer with a lotta pockets to hold your documents and essentials. So opt for a sport coat or a cardigan or a hoodie. Same goes for the bag. You need one that has ample of space and compartments. You’ll need a back that you can put your jacket into. So it’s okay if it’s big as it can still be considered as traveling light. Go for a holdall or a duffle bag. You’ll be walking around a lot so get a pair of shoes that you feel super comfortable in. Trainers, plimsolls, sneakers should be your go to options. And don’t forget a good pair of sunglasses.
       Now coming to the part that deals with making your outfit look good. Take pieces that are standouts and mute them with the other elements. Go for prints. Go for rends like monochrome, denim on denim, print clash, longline, athleisure. Go for may be an element that’s vintage. Use signature accessories to make a statement. Get a bag may be with a loud color or a bold print if the rest of your outfit is sober. But most of all, don’t do all of this in one outfit. Keep it simple and relaxed.
       Now coming to the outfit that I have put together. So I went for a very relaxed and monochromatic and I used one bold color in the accessories. The vibe I was trying to maintain here was like a more of a sports luxe with a hint of vintage. As I mentioned earlier, comfort is what is the most important aspect in an airport look, so I went for the basics. A white crew neck t-shirt and a pair of black knit joggers. Layered it up with a grey single breasted, single button jacket. The jacket for me has an old world charm with the color and the window check pattern and the styling of the pockets and the cut of the lapel. For shoes I went for something I find super comfortable, a pair of slim on sneakers with a classic black and white chess board pattern that add a lil sporty and quirky element. A cobalt blue and black duffle bag to add a pop of color. A pair of reflective blue wayfarer style sunglasses to match the bag! A vintage style, see through dial time piece!
       So what I have tried to do here is, maintain a balance between comfort, convenience and the style quotient. Maintained a monochromatic theme with a dash of vintage and a pop of color! So follow these simple rules to get your airport look on point. And all you need is your Starbucks and you’re good to go!













Photo Credits: Bhupesh Kaura

T-shirt: KOOVS
Joggers: ZARA
Jacket: Mr. Button
Shoes: VANS
Sunglasses : Knockaround
Bag: Atorse

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