Tribhuj Feat. ANDAMEN

       Tribhuj, is the Hindi word for a ‘Triangle’ that finds a prominent influence in Indian art in more than many ways. Being one of the elemental geometric forms, we come across it extensively in many walks of life. Be it mountains, the holy trinity, the Past-Present-Future, Mind-Body-Soul, conical shaped trees, the ‘Purusha’ when pointing upwards and ‘Prakriti’ when pointing downwards, and many more. This iconic shape form is said to be the expression of the inner and the outer self which has been the inspiration for art since many centuries. ANDAMEN, in their new collection ‘Tribhuj’ celebrates the Triangle. The collection is an ode to the influences of the Tribhuj as found around us, in an articulate yet minimalistic approach in a series of beautifully curated shirts. Maintaining the Tribhuj as the focal element, it has been used in the forms of patterns and motifs in an intricate manner like never before.
        ANDAMEN is heritage Indian Menswear brand, which with it’s contemporary designs strikes a beautiful balance between the past and the present. Their creativities and ideas know no borders, but they have their roots strongly set in India. It is this what makes their designs so eclectic and refreshing and more importantly exclusive. What sets them apart is that, there’s so much thought that goes in to curating each detail for each piece for each of their collections. Every detail, every motif, even the use of color have such a story to tell, and not to forget the perfect fit and Egyptian Giza cotton that makes the shirts even more luxurious. Quality and comfort that they exude are unparalleled and that’s what makes the ANDAMEN man, the contemporary Indian!
        I must say that it was an absolute privilege to be associated with such an iconic collection. I shall link it down below. You guys should totally take a look at it and get your hands on these uber luxurious shirts. Now coming to the shirt that I chose! I went for the ‘Universal Harmony’ which is a Navy shirt with a multicolor motif. The use of colors like poster red, emerald green, orange and mustard along with blues and black, elevates the appeal of the shirt to another dimension and the motif gives it that festive edge. The shirt has a relaxed, fun vibe and the classic button down collar adds elegance and sophistication. The unique elbow patches are very subtle but brings out that element of mystery, and the use of orange highlights in the details binds the entire look with a dash of quirk. The shirt fits exceedingly well, as if it was crafted just for you and the fabric is so opulent. This shirt is a dream come true!
        With a shirt so regal, I wanted a minimalistic approach on the styling, but I also wanted that fun and slightly quirky vibe. I paired the Universal Harmony shirt with stone grey chinos, cuffed at the ankles. As I mentioned that the motif that has been used has colors like red and black and orange apart from the blues, so with accessories, those were the colors I wanted to go for. I went for a pair of red trainers with back lace and metallic details, a mustard colored backpack, a black flat lens pair of sunglasses and metallic time piece. The red and the mustard complement the navy of the shirt and also add a pop of color and the metallic details maintain the elegance in the way that shirt remains the focal point of your outfit.













       This shirt is ideal for practically any occasion. You could wear this to an event that’s festive or for a formal setting, it’s perfect for dates or even if you wish to up your style game while going out with the boys. And as amazing as this one would look at any party, you can even dress it down and take your Friday look to another level. And that’s not just the case with this one, the entire collection has been so carefully created that it is major on comfort and style and has so much versatility that, with the appropriate styling, it would do you wonders anywhere you’d wear these. So make sure you go on the link down below and check out not just this collection but their other signature and festive collections as well!

        Links to ANDAMEN (Website and Social Media):




Photo Credits: Bhupesh Kaura

The Universal Harmony Shirt: ANDAMEN ( )
Chinos: ZARA
Shoes: ASOS
Sunglasses MISSA MORE
Backpack: KOOVS

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