Street Style Suede

       Suede! It’s probably my favorite fabric. It is a very soft fabric that is used usually for jackets, coats, shoes, bags, furniture, basically for cooler climates. What I love about this fabric is that, it’s really soft, it feels luxurious, plus its keeps you warm and snug! It’s the napped finish that makes this fabric so sought after. Also it’s a common misconception that suede is a kind of cloth. It actually is a type of leather! So in case you do not wish to go for genuine suede, there are a lot of varieties of faux suede that are readily available.
        Now the feel of suede is such that it gets used a lot in winters, and you’d often spot it in outfits that are really dapper, or classic. So I thought of experimenting a lil and incorporating it in to an outfit that’s a lil more street with a dash of classy. Now if I were to give you options for outfits on similar lines, I’d suggest you initially go for accessories to start with. Go for shoes, bags, shirts or jackets with suede elbow patches, bets, etc. once you’re comfortable with sporting suede, you could go for shirts, trench coats, double breasted jackets, peacoats and such layers for the suede element and going super casual with the rest of the outfit making the suede the focal point. Distressed denim, jogger, long line t-shirts, hi top sneakers are a few things that you could opt for to get the street look, with a suede layering.
        Now the outfit that I have put together has 2 elements of suede. There’s a mustard suede denim style jacket and a deep olive vintage suede box shaped backpack by The Gentleman’s Community. I went for a white crew neck longline t-shirt with a pair of black joggers. The mustard suede jacket to layer up. A pair of grey micro textured lace up plimsolls. For accessories you could go really quite simple but on point. I opted for a grey and a black beaded bracelets, a vintage metallic time piece and a round, gold frame hipster sunglasses. And to make the look really stand out, the deep olive backpack.
        Now if you’re looking for accessories to up you’re style quotient, make sure you guys visit The Gentleman’s Community! All the accessories that I have used in this blog post, the beaded bracelets, the hipster sunglasses, the wrist watch and the bag as well is from The Gentleman’s Community. They have a wide range of accessories that are very vintage and very unique. Be it watches, rings, bracelets, ties, bow ties, lapel pins, bow ties, brooches, bags, you name it and you’ll find it at The Gentleman’s Community! I shall be linking them down below, do check ‘em out!
        So this was a very basic idea of how Suede can be incorporated in to an outfit that’s more street style but with an edge. And I’ve already given you a few options as well. So I hope you guys get your hands on some suede and elevate your outfit! Till the next time, Stay cool and Layer it up!











Photo Credits: Bhupesh Kaura

T-shirt: H&M
Jogger: ZARA
Shoes: ZARA
Jacket: ZARA
Backpack: The Gentleman’s Community
Bracelets: The Gentleman’s Community
Watch: Casio by The Gentleman’s Community
Sunglasses: The Gentleman’s Community

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