Feel Sharp Feat. Mr Button

       You guys probably know by now that MR BUTTON is one brand that I absolutely swear by! But I noticed, that even though I have featured their garments a lot of times, I’ve never really done a dedicated blog post for them! And I felt terrible! So decided to showcase my first MR BUTTON suit for this blog post! I’m sure you guys have seen me sport this look before at Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort ’16 and also at Men Universe ’16.
        Redefining the way the modern man dresses is what MR BUTTON focuses on. This is one brand that every new age dandy can go for, to up the ante when it comes to dressing incredibly sharp. They have such a wide range of all things dapper. You can pick from perfectly fitting shirts and trousers, brilliantly tailored suits, blazers and coats, t-shirts that make an impact, super versatile joggers, even for an ethnic twist, they have some really rad Nehru jackets. And they even have some statement pieces when it comes to bags. I shall be linking them down below, do go and check em out!
        Now coming to my favorite part, the suit! Let’s start with the shirt. It’s a pure white shirt with an interesting cut away collar. The material of it is so soft, it feels like a second skin. The jacket and the trousers are this really classic tartan plaid in brown. I’ve always been a fan of checkered trousers and this color in particular with tartan gives it a kinda vintage vibe which is really cool to rock. Also it makes it that much more versatile. You could style it in a way that you look exceedingly classic or you could ease up a little on the styling and add a dash of contemporary and still look dapper.
        So on the white shirt with the brown trousers and the jacket is the basis of my outfit. I’ve left a a button or two open f r a more relaxed look but you can totally button up for hat crisp look if that’s what you’re aiming for. I went super simple with the styling though, because I wanted the suit to the focal point and let it do all the talking. I went for a pair of white leather lace up plimsoll shoes. Now the white pair of shoes is a contemporary touch. It makes it look a lil sporty and fun. Add a lil metal by going for a metallic wrist watch and a brown gradient pair of classic aviator sunglasses. Also the boxes that they send over your garments in, I’m absolutely obsessed with how cool they look!? So I couldn’t resist the temptation of carrying it with me while shot for this look.

Photo Credits: Bhupesh Kaura

Trousers: MR BUTTON
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

       This look is something that could be sported at a formal setting. This one is even ideal to transition from work mode to party mode. Based on the styling, I believe this suit, even though it’s a stand out, still is an investment. But this is just a tiny glimpse of what the style agents at MR BUTTON do. Also not to forget, they have a guide shop in Noida, details of which are on their website. But a visit to their guide shop is a must. When I was there, I had just worn a pair of joggers and a shirt, and their stylist just put a beautiful white double breasted jacket and completely elevated my outfit in no time.
        So basically this is like a one stop shop for all you guys who put an effort into dressing up. Let them show you, what to wear, when to wear and how to wear it well! So do go and check out their website! They have something for everyone and for every occasion.


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