Festive Fusion

       It is just as important for men to stay updated and fashionable as it is for women. But when it comes to putting together a more festive outfit, we often notice that the variety that’s available for men, compared to women is fractional. Designers have elevated the idea of Festive Fashion by redefining it. One can find strong Asian or European influences in the silhouettes or the detailing but the vibe of the garment is still maintained strongly Indian. This has led to a new sensibility, more popularly known as Fusion Fashion.

       As the name suggest, it’s an amalgamation of two or more ideas. I’m sure you’ve heard of ‘Indo-Western’ fashion. Take that with a stronger western influence with an avant garde approach and a dash of dapper and that’s the idea I’m talking about today. For me festivities can be a bit of a pain when it comes to dressing. And as much as I enjoy rocking outfits that are traditional, there’s hardly anything new that’s going on. And being that kind of a person, who makes sure he looks better than the groom at any wedding, it’s not really a comforting thought to stick to what has already been done.

       What I have been experimenting with this festive season, is like a reverse psychology on the concept of Indo-Western. I keep the outfit rather western and try to add subtle yet significant influences of India. And NO! I shan’t be talking about designer wear because I would really want this to be looked at as something that’s still affordable and also be high on utility, as in with the singular elements that’s I have put together in this look. Indian Festive Fashion is full of rich colors, lots of patterns, fabrics, long kurtas or jackets, drapes and a hell lotta bling! So while putting together a look on these lines, these will be the elements that we would want to add in our outfit. And by that I man, some of these elements not all of em. If you try and incorporate all these elements, you’re only gonna look like a confused mess. So like I’ve always said, keep it simple.

       Also in case you are planning to specifically shop to put together such a look, then please go for elements that you can style in other outfits and use time and again and get the most wear out of them for your buck. The whole point here is, to have an alternative, stand out outfit which will help you make a statement at a festive setting and also to get maximum utility from the elements that have gone in to forming this look.

       Okay so let’s just get to the outfit now. I’ve tried to keep the look very easy going but still very regal. And even though I mentioned that Indian fashion equates to a lotta bright colors, Monochrome is where I feel at home! The first element with an Indian influence is the black kurta tshirt. And no it’s not a longline t-shirt, it’s a kurta with a crew neck. Yet another festive touch with the Velvet blue pants. Taking things further, still keeping things regal, a white Double Breasted jacket which I think is super versatile. I’d say it’s an investment. I was actually considering going for traditional Indian ‘Jutis’, but then I remembered I had done a pair of DIY studded shoes, so I thought of going for that one to add that bling.

       I usually don’t accessorize too much, but this time to jazz things up a lil I added some super interesting pieces from my go to accessories brand, The Gentleman’s community. Three beaded bracelets with metallic detailing in blue, black and grey. A metallic vintage Casio digital watch. A metallic Taurus ring. And this one is by far my absolute favourite, a vintage sword lapel pin. This lapel pin, I just had to use, its unique, its metallic, its vintage and it’s exceedingly royal. Plus it’s not something that you’d come across so easily! These were the accessories I used to add that bling and that Indian touch to the look.

        So all in all it’s a very modern outfit with strong influences of Indian fashion and that’s exactly what I was aiming for. You can be sure to make a strong statement while sporting this look. You’ll stand out from the crown and yet be occasion appropriately dressed.

Photo Credits: Bhupesh Kaura


Kurta T-shirt: FUGAZEE

Pants: ZARA

Jacket: MR BUTTON (www.mrbutton.in)

Shoes: DIY

Sunglasses: RayBan

Bracelets: The Gentleman’s Community

Timepiece: CASIO from The Gentleman’s Community

Ring: The Gentleman’s Community

Lapel Pin: The Gentleman’s Community

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