The Dad T-shirt

       I don’t really need to tell you that over sized clothing sprung up a while back. It’s actually a fashion forward take on the functionality of loose clothing. Prominently spotted in areas with a tropical climate, this trend was absorbed into the hiphop culture and the street fashion scene. These easy breezy pieces were not only comfortable to wear, but if styled properly could make a statement. But again the girls were the ones who called dibs and made it the ‘Boyfriend T-shirt’. And it’s not like they don’t have too much variety already that they wanna steal from us! So I thought of taking it a level ahead! I over sized much more than the usual baggy t-shirts, and decided to call em ‘The Dad T-shirt’
        When you say over sized clothing, that includes t-shirts, shirts, baggy pants, jackets, and even longline to a certain extent. The key to wear over sized clothing is, keeping one piece of your entire outfit as the over sized one and pairing it up with well fitted pieces. And I’m saying well fitted, not super skinny or body clinging. If you pair up such contrasts, you’re bound to look anorexic or off balance and trust me, that does not look appealing by any means. So just go for on over sized element and make that the focus of your look.
        Now there’s more. You could go for a look that’s super simple which would be pretty much foolproof, like an over sized t-shirt, chinos or slim fit jeans or even joggers and a sneakers. Or may be a Henley and baggy pants (may be cargos or harems) with leather sandals. Add minimal accessories and you’ll be sorted. But that would just be playing safe. We don’t do that! We take it further, and go for a size still larger. So basically we go for ‘The Dad T-shirt’. So my dad’s a lil over 6 feet tall which is almost 2 shirt larger than me. (I’m a lil under 5 feet 10, so yeah I’m short) And I used to wear a lot of his polo necks and that’s where this concept kinda came to me.
        Now when you intend on wearing something that’s considerable larger than your usual size, you need to be careful about one thing, and that’s, PROPORTIONS! I’m not saying not saying wear The Dad T-shirt with baggy pants. I’m saying, if you wear skin tight jeans then opt for a less skinny option. If you wear skinny then opt for a slim fit. If you wear a slip fit then go for a straight fit. Same works with the shoes as well. If possible go for mid tops of hi tops. With the rest of the accessories, it’s perfectly fine if you go minimal. But if you have any stand out accessories use them to offset your look.
        Now coming to my Dad T-shirt! I had picked this one up from a UK based online shopping website. It’s a bright navy crew neck but it has a lot of interesting detailing. It had front pockets, a raw finish on the hem of the sleeves and the my favorite part, the massive side slits! I wanted to achieve a layered look, considering the slits were a bit too high and it was mildly cold as when I shot this look. So I started with a white crew neck longline t-shirt which I teamed up with a pair of light washed distressed denims. Now The Dad T-shirt as a layer on the longline t-shirt. Chunky shoes, just like I had said, so a pair of white Hi top sneakers with metallic detailing. Minimal accessories as always, but I kept it a lil metallic though. A metallic wrist watch and a pair of white reflective sunglasses. Feel free to add a metallic chain or a few rings or a few bracelets, but in moderation.
        So there you have it! That’s how I put together a look with The Dad T-shirt. You could include this look in street style or if you go for joggers and trainers, you could pull of a look that would be a crossover between an over sized look and an athleisure look. I totally recommend this trend because it’s super comfortable and you could totally mould the look as per the seasons by layering up or going solo.


Photo Credits: Madhuri Sharma

The Dad T-shirt: ASOS
Longline T-shirt: H&M
Denims: H&M
Shoes: ASOS
Watch: Longines
Sunglasses: Knockaround

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