A kimono is a traditional Japanese garment which was used for formal or festive ceremonies. These are robes that are wrapped around the body, which are floor length with wider sleeves and a collar. The draping of the robe is customarily as, the left side over the right, with an obi belt which is tied at the back in one of those famous Japanese knots. There are specific variations of Kimomo for specific occasions and ceremonies. But over a period of time the Kimono has evolved and has been assimilated in to the modern day fashion scenario by branching out in variations in terms of length, color scheme, patters and design while still staying too its roots.
        When it comes to menswear, it has been the forecast that the Kimono would turn out to be one of the big trends of 2017. I just feel happy about the fact that I ended up shooting with this one in December 2016 itself. So Kimono for men, this too has a lot of variants and applications. You have pieces that could be worn for a more formal setting or a more relaxed chilled out of sort of a scene and anything in between. I opted for a look that’s more easy going and still is high street. So the kind of look that you wish to get is the deciding factor for the Kimono you pick. Ideally I would recommend that you go for one that’s the length of a long line t-shirt, in a deeper hue and in a solid color with minimal or no patterns or designs. It’s this simplicity of the piece that will help you put together multiple outfits which would be appropriate for multiple setting by obviously, dressing up or dressing down the Kimono which would be the focal point of your outfit.
        Now let’s talk about the Kimono that I picked up. It’s a deep olive(which the website called, ‘Khaki’), thigh length solid piece, exactly how I just said. Minimal! Now it has knots on both the sides. So while wearing it, you take the right side and tie the knot on the inner left side and then the left side is tied on the outer right side. It’s a rather simple piece but that’s exactly what makes it so versatile. I teamed up this Kimono with a pair of light wash distressed denims and a solid white t-shirt inside it. And as always, went super simple when it comes t o the accessories. A pair of classic, black aviator sunglasses, a metallic wrist watch(which isn't being seen in any of the pictures though due to the sleeves) and my latest favorite, a pair of faux suede, camo printed, soft hi tops. I think the shoes went really well with the Kimono but at the same time the other hues in the camo helped me make it look like I’ve matched it but still not matched it.















        Ideally you could wear this outfit at a slightly dressy occasion. Like some place where you know people are gonna be well dressed but you still wanna make sure that you look better. Now for a more formal setting, you could opt for a pair of trousers, solid or with a subtle print, a shirt and a thin tie or a bow tie. You can even add brooches or even a lapel pin to jazz it up a lil. Now especially when this trend is a relatively newer one, you have the liberty to experiment and see what goes well for your sensibility. Just make sure that you don’t over do it! It’s a stand out piece. Keep that as the focal point and make a statement.

Photo Credits: Madhuri sharma

Kimono: ASOS
T-shirt: KOOVS
Denim: H&M
Shoes: ASOS
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Watch: Swatch

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