Denim Shacket Feat. The Bleu Label

       With the summers approaching, comfort clothing is what people turn to, however sloppy it may look. Given a choice I would spend my life in a tank top and a pair of boxers. But we can’t do that! Also there’s absolutely nothing wrong with opting for pieces that are comfortable. But you need to make sure that you’re at least presentable. For the ones that are conscious about dressing up, and especially the ones I like me, who love layers, this can be a tricky task. And even though shirts over t-shirts can be considered as a summer layer, it doesn’t make a statement unless it’s a stand out piece. And I know that there’s not so many stand out pieces that you can own and not so many times that you can wear those. But what if I told you, that you have a choice to go for options that you can use all round the year, multiple times and yet not compromise on comfort?!
       What I’m talking about is a Denim Shacket! Essentially it is a cross over between a light denim shirt and a good sturdy but heavy denim jacket. And what I love about this piece is that, it looks exactly like a denim jacket, but it’s super light, highly comfortable and fits really well. What’s more, it looks effortlessly stylish. So basically this is the perfect balance between style and comfort! And you can wear in the summer as well as in the fall. I really think one must invest in such highly versatile pieces, which you can easily dress up or dress down, wear it by itself or layer it over or under another layer.
       The Shacket that I’ve picked up is from The Bleu Label. It’s in a light wash denim. The fabric is sturdy yet breathable and very light in weight. Plus the zipper makes it a lil edgy. Apart from that, it has the signature front pockets. The fit of this shacket also is very very comfortable. It’s not at all baggy, yet it isn’t all that snug. It fits just right. Even when you layer it up, you don’t feel like you have so much denim on it. In fact it doesn’t really feel like another layer at all! And even though The Blue Label has a lot of interesting pieces, this one happens to be my favorite for its functionality and style quotient.
       Like I said, you can dress this up as well as dress it down. When you’re going for a more dressed down casual sort of a look, you could go for dark wash denims or chinos, pair it up with a crew neck graphic or a solid t-shirt, add the Shacket as a layer, and finish it off with a pair of bright sneakers. Or even wear the Shacket over a hoodie. That trend is also quite hot these days. But I thought of going for a more dressed up look. Something that’s a lil more on the lines of Friday dressing. I went for a white shirt with an overall blue geometric print. For this kind of a look, opt for simpler, subtle prints. Team that up with a pair of navy cords, Layer it up with your denim shacket. Finish it off with a pair of white low top sneakers or plimsolls. As always, go minimalist when it comes to accessories. An all time essential, a metallic time piece and a pair of classic wayfarer sunglasses. When it comes to selecting the bag, go for that you would be most comfortable carrying. I opted for a blue and black duffle bag, keeping the look sort of an all blue.

       So that’s how I styled my Shacket. And I think you should totally go and grab one of yours as well. And also make sure you go and check out all the other rad stuff that The Bleu Label has to offer. I shall link them down below. But the Shacket, trust me on this, it would end up being that ‘go to’ piece of yours, that you could team up with practically anything at any time of the year. This one’s for keeps! It’s an investment!

Photo Credits: Rahul Gopalakrishnan

Shacket: The Bleu Label
Shirt: Blackberrys
Cord: Zara
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Atorse
Watch: Swatch
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Belt: Louis Phillippe


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