Old Sepia Feat. Atorse

       Old world charm is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Old Sepia. Essentially sepia is a rich reddish-brown pigment that comes from a cuttlefish sepia. The most prominent influence of sepia may be found in those old memories preserved in those family heirloom photo albums. Whenever I see an image in sepia, it’s always like it has more than just a story to tell. And I really wanted to bring that influence in one of my outfit. That hint of old world glamour added to such simplicity, is exactly what I wanted to capture. And i really feel happy when there’s such a unique concept going on in my outfit that exemplifies nostalgia and charm.
        So keeping Sepia as the theme for this week, I went for pieces that were in tints, tones and shades of brown, all the way from head to toe to maintain that uniform monochrome all throughout the look. Also I just wanted to clarify that a monochrome needn’t just be something to do with black, white and greys. As long as it’s the tints, tones and shades of one colour, it qualifies well to be called a monochrome. So when it comes to Sepia, the colours you would come across would be, browns, black, white, creams, sand, and to a certain extent hints of tan as well.
        Now let’s come to the outfit that I have put together this week. So I really wanted to highlight this new messenger bag that has very quickly become one of my go to bags! It’s a cream one, in suede wit contrasting brown detailing by this brand this brand called Atrose. High on functionality and high on fashion if something what o would say about bags from this brand. Plus it’s that super soft suede that I am absolutely obsessed with, that I just had to make it the highlight of the entire look and style the rest of the outfit around, while still maintaining the Sepia concept though out.
        I went for a basic , solid, sand coloured polo neck t-shirt to begin with. Paired that with a pair of brown window pane check trousers. The combination of polo necks with trousers helps accentuate that vintage vibe. And the window pane checks elevate it to another level. Basically it gives it that really smooth Gatsby feel. For shoes I went for something again that’s suede and something that’s again very classic, a pair of suede brogues in sand that match with the t-shirt. Back in the day, minimalism is what they went for, and that’s what I did when I went for the accessories. A classic pair of aviator sunglasses, again in brown but with a gradient lens and an old school metallic wrist watch in silver and gold. And to tie it all together, that beautiful cream suede messenger bag.

        This is probably one of those looks that you can’t really go wrong with. You can sport it a casual setting as well as a slightly more formal one. You could wear this even as a sort of Friday dressing. Be it a date or if you’re just hanging with the boys. I’d even recommend a dressier version of this for an interview or a meeting. Also it isn’t exactly mandatory that you assemble the look in a monochrome. You could try out options with solid coloured polo necks and trousers. But a monochrome will make an impression and let people know that you have taken efforts to look that much put together. And think this is probably the easiest way to swing on your vintage and it hardly takes any time to put together. And I have always followed that vintage can really be a weapon to easily make a statement and get it right. It sure is my weapon! Be sure to make it yours!

Photo Credits: Rahul Gopalkrishnan

Bag: Atorse
T-shirt: H&M
Trousers: Mr Button
Shoes: Zara
Sunglasses: RayBan
Watch: Tissot

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