Sunscreen with Buttons Feat. Arrow Sport

       Summer is here! And for someone who lives in a country with a tropical climate, summers can get as bad as a furnace. It’s exceedingly hot, to add do it, it gets crazy humid! So what’s the first thing that comes to your mind to get some sun protection? Sunscreen! Yes! But I’m sure you know, in case you apply sunscreen and if you sweat, that sunscreen is gonna stain you cuss and your collar. Trust me on this! I have tried a wide range of sunscreens from an innumerable list of brands. So the deal is, sunscreen is gonna stain your lighter colored clothes, and in case you find one that won’t, it’s not gonna be too pocket friendly!
        But what if I said, I found a solution to this problem? After some revolutionary innovations like the Water Resistant Shirt and the Four in One shirt, Arrow Sport, has come up with yet another revolutionary concept! A range of shirts and t-shirts that provides up to 97% UV protection. Spend an hour in one of these and you’ll figure the difference for yourself. I’m someone who’s really hard to please! So it takes something really revolutionary for me to call it that! Like I gotta say, I shot in the afternoon, outdoors, in such crazy heat, but there was a striking difference that I felt with regards to the heat. Long story short, this is what you need this summer! It’s your ‘Sunscreen with Buttons.’
        So from their collection, the piece that I picked is a white half sleeves shirt with a subtle lime green overall print on it. The main reason why I went for this one, is that I wanted one in half sleeves since I never really showcased those on the blog. Also its simple, minimal, and I really liked the lime green. It’s a cool shirt, that will keep you cool. So the way I wanted to style is, was with more of a vacation kind of a fun vibe but I still wanted to keep it very classic. So I teamed up the shirt, with a pair of sleek navy trousers. These actually are ankle length ones. In case you can’t find these, you can always pin fold them or fold them inwards! And I wore these without a belt to make it feel a lil more relaxed. I added a pair of grey textured lace up plimsolls to tie it together. Added some metallics like a pair of grey reflective sunglasses and a metallic watch. Carry all your summer essentials in a crisp duffle bag to finish off the look.
        You could wear the shirt kept out for a more casual look say with a hat or hipster glasses. Also you could team it up with a pair of shorts. For a classier look, tuck the shirt in, and wear a pair of aviator or clubmaster sunglasses, switch the plimsolls for a pair of leather brogues and carry a messenger bag, You could easily wear one of these look while you’re on your holiday, or a party or like a golf or a polo match. Dress the shirt up or dress it down depending on the occasion and the setting. Just make sure you don’t ruin it with your sunscreen. You don’t need any anymore! So that was about my Sunscreen with Buttons. Make sure you get your hands on one soon!

Photo Credits: Rahul Gopalkrishnan

Shirt: Arrow Sport
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Zara
Sunglasses: Knockaround
Watch: Rado
Bag: Hugo Boss

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