Old School Feat. Urban Monkey

        So finally after a massive gap, I’m finally back! And I have worked on the suggestions and outfit requests that you guys had sent across to me and tried to cover as much as possible! Also I really want to thank you guys for noticing that I hadn’t posted in a while and checking up on me to see if all’s well1 I really appreciate your support! Thanks a bunch!
        Now let’s get to what we’re here for! A lot of you had told me that I have cut down on posts that feature interesting everyday fashion. So here’s a look that is everything you had asked for! It’s my modern take on old school dressing with a hint of street style! I came across this brand Urban Monkey at a pop up in Mumbai! They have a wide range of sunglasses, wrist watches, t-shirts, shoes and probably the biggest collection of caps in the country! And skate boards as well! So I had to feature them! And even though I had a really tough time selecting just one or two pieces from their massive lots, I managed to decide upon, two t-shirts, 2 snapbacks and a pair of sunglasses, some of which I have featured in this post!
        What I was looking to do was a vintage street style look. Something that is casual but not boring. Subtle yet interesting. So I went for an olive green, solid, basic, crew neck t-shirt and paired that up with a pair of black joggers to begin with. No you know my obsession with layers! So I went for a light denim shirt that has a V neck sans a collar. Also the t-shirt is super soft , breathable and comfortable that actually allows you to layer up even on hotter days! The jacket has this really cool 80’s vibe to it that I loved. Since we’re doing a dash of classics, I went for a pair of classic black and white Vans. And also a bright and funky backpack to make the look a lil more fun! Now my favorite pieces from this look would have to be the cotton candy pink snap back and the pair of wooden framed sunnies, both from Urban Monkey! These two add a lot of character to the outfit and they go brilliantly well with the kind of look we’re going for! The snapback is fun, bright, street! The sunnies are old school, interesting and classic. To finish off the look, I opted for a thin metallic watch.

       This look is something that you could totally rock to college or while hanging with the guys or ideally while bowling! So pick up basics, and vintage pieces to make you r everyday outfits a bit more interesting and different. And if you can find a good thrift store somewhere around,(‘good’ being the keyword) make sure you get your hands on some really dope stuff that you won’t really find usually! Incorporate such pieces and your completely sorted for you college looks!
       Also don’t forget to check out Urban Monkey! They have a really rad collection! Just a suggestion, check out the caps and hats right at the end! The collection is insane and is sure gonna take some of your time to select just 2-3! I had shortlisted 17 myself! And do get yourselves a pair of wooden sunnies! They’re super comfortable and look really chic!

Photo Credits: Rahul Gopalkrishnan

Tshirt: Urban Monkey (www.urbanmonkey.com)
Joggers: Zara
Shirt: H&M
Shoes: Vans
Backpack: Vans
Snapback: Urban Monkey
Sunglasses: Urban Monkey
Watch: Tissot

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