Work it! Feat. Anjana Misra Haute Couture

       A Boiler suit is basically a single piece garment that is loose fitting and covers the almost the entire body. They’re also called coveralls or overalls. A more structured and tighter fitting alternative of the overall is the jumpsuit. And a jumpsuit is what i will be talking about for this blogpost. There was this one particular Jumpsuit that I had come across over and had my eyes set upon it for the longest time. And then I finally had a chance to sport it at Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort ‘17

       So basically this particular Jumpsuit is by the label Anjana Misra Haute Couture which is a Haute Couture and Ready to Wear Label for women as well as menswear, based out of Haryana. And they were kind enough to let me sport one of their many splendid pieces for fashion week. So it’s a weed green jumpsuit that I went for. First of all it was a summer/resort fashion week and believe me it was so hot those days and this Jumpsuit was an absolute savior. Made out of a highly comfortable fabric and loose fit, it was a perfect outfit for the fashion week. Not only was it visually impeccable but was major on comfort and that’s what I absolutely loved about it!

       Apart from the comfort of the jumpsuit, what I really liked was the attention to detail and the authenticity of the boiler suit. With the pockets and the drawstrings it looks that much more genuine and interesting. Now the way I styled it for the shoot was just a slight bit different as I had that creative liberty and the feasibility to go for pieces and accessories that I couldn’t sport at fashion week. Also this piece was something that I wanted to wear for a while and I was really excited about this collaboration so I went a lil crazy and got a lil too much into character.

       So let’s get to the styling bit. I want for a chic mechanic/militaristic sorta look. Now since the garment was a comfortable loose one, I wanted a fat belt that would make it look appropriately oversized the way it should be but also proportionate. The belt was actually a part of the uniform at a military camp that I had been to like 13 years back (I rarely throw things away. You never know what you would need, when?!) I went for a pair of faux suede camo printed hi top shoes. Now let’s get to the metallic, starting with a pair of brown gradient aviator sunglasses, classic dog tags and a a watch that runs on mechanical energy in which the mechanism is visible underneath to add some character. But the element that brings in full character and authenticity would have to be my grandfather’s old, chrome, slightly rusted tool kit. Like I said, I never throw anything away! Oh yeah and I also did carry around a spanner and a napkin, again because I got too much into the character.


       All in all I thought this was a really fun outfit and more than that a really fun shoot. So I would really like to know what you feel about this look and the way I have put it together. Jumpsuits are trending now. They’re trending a lot. So in case you’re thinking of getting your hands on one, I’d say go for it! Keep the styling simple and minimal and go for darker solid colors that are easier to pull off! If it’s a darker color, a pair of white shoes and a pair of sunglasses would be more than enough to up your fashion game!

       Also do go ahead check out Anjana Misra Haute Couture, they have some more really cool jumpsuits and a lot more. I’ll be linking them down below in the details!

Photo Credits: Rahul Gopalkrishnan


Jumpsuit: Anjana Misra Haute Couture

Shoes: ASOS

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Dog Tags: Bandra street shop

Watch: Tissot

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