Back To Black

        An All Black look, is something that I have been wanting to post since a long time. I had shot for this look sometime in January but then I had to put up posts for my winter lookbook and then it just got too hot out here to post about an all black outfit. But now with the summers long gone and some cool from the monsoon, I’ve gone back to wearing lots of black. And that’s what actually reminded me that I need to get this post up finally.
        An all black outfit is something that makes me feel very confident about myself. It is such a strong color, it’s easy to pull off and makes one look thinner as well, because black reflects the least amount of light. Not just that, Black is probably the go to color when it comes to color blocking, that can actually help you look taller as well. I have tried to use all of these concepts and put together a look which looks super chic and is very comfortable. The only issue with going all black, is that black is the color that absorbs the most heat. And for someone who lives in a tropic in a sea facing humid city, it gets a lil annoying. But that’s not gonna stop us from wearing this trend, is it?
        I have chosen to go for a slightly edgy, layered look. You can always either get rid of the layer, or layer it up with something else. The layer that I have chosen is this sleeveless jacket that I designed and got tailored for one of the fashion weeks. It has an oversized lapel and is the length of a longline t-shirt. Now the T-shirt that I have worn is basically a knee length Kurta T-shirt. So depending on what you choose to wear inside, you can opt for appropriate layers. You can go for T-shirts and layer them up with shirts, sport coats, leather jackets, bomber jackets, hoodies, waist coats. You can wear vests or tank tops and layer those up with a shirt or a light jacket. You can go for shirts and layer those up with shirts and layer them up with bomber jackets, sport coats, double breasted jackets, pea coats, leather jackets.
        Let’s get down to the outfit now. I have always mentioned that comfort is the first thing that I look for when it comes to dressing up. Now with the al black outfit, I really wanted to go for pieces that are relaxed and are made of a good breathable fabric. So I started off with the Kurta T-shirt, under whichi wore a pair of joggers. Now keeping this as the foundation, lets add to it. The sleeveless longline jacket as a layer which helps add proportion to the look. Opt for a pair of hi tops. Now from your legs, till the shoes, there is no other color that would offset, so the eyes are drawn right from the legs to till the sole of the shoes, making you appear taller, that’s color blocking. And then go for a good duffle bag. Also I wanted to add a lil bit bling, which is why I chose a pair of hi tops with some metallic detailing, dogtags, and a metallic watch. Now finish off the look with my all time favorite accessory, a pair of classic Wayfarer sunglasses.
        In my opinion, the All Black trend is the most versatile trend which is gonna last for a long time. And even though people may say, white is the new black or charcoal is the new black, nothing get beat the original classic all black. Also something very important that you need to keep in mind, is that if grey comes in 50 shades, black comes in 500. So it’s always best to put together an outfit with pieces of similar shades of black if not the same. Otherwise the entire outfit will look distorted and confused. What you could do to fight this is, probably pick up pieces from the same store. They usually have a uniformity in color at least as far as black is concerned.

Photo Credits: Madhuri Sharma

Kurta T-shirt: FUGAZEE
Joggers: ZARA
Jacket: The Fashion Push
Shoes: ASOS
Sunglasses: RAY BAN

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