No Rheson I Can’t

       A few weeks back, celebrity stylist Rhea Kapoor and her sister, actor Sonam Kapoor launched their line of fashion forward and affordable clothing line by the name RHESON. Channeling 90’s nostalgia in their line of effortlessly stylist and comfortable, stand out pieces is what the label is all about. I was out shopping with a friend who wanted to check out their range, so I accompanied her. And having recently gotten into fashion styling, I too was keen on exploring what the label has to offer. And I absolutely loved their collection! They had so meticulously handpicked memories from the 90’s and incorporated them in modern silhouettes. And being a 90’s kid myself, I couldn’t help but fall for in love and feel all nostalgic. The only sad part, almost all of their pieces fall are womenswear. May be like 2-3 pieces can be considered unisex if dealt with correctly.
        Of these unisex pieces was a this beautiful denim jacket. I had to try it on, because I have been looking for a great denim jacket which looks good and is also high on comfort. So I try this jacket on, and it fits like a dream. Then I feel the fabric, its high quality. Then to test it further, I randomly started dancing in the trial room. The jacket was so flexible. Like the one issue I usually have with fitted jackets is that the mobility that they provide. But me and this one were like meant to be! Also the subtle detailing on the back makes it that much more interesting. So tell me, what’s there to not buy this jacket?
        Now while styling the look, I wanted the jacket to be the focal point of the outfit. And sister the Kapoor sisters aimed at 90’s nostalgia, I wanted the look to be based somewhat in that zone, but with like a minimal and classic take on it. So I started off with a basic white crew neck T-shirt, paired it up with a slightly high waist pair of skin fit trousers. Tucked the T-shirt in, the way they used to back in the 90’s. Then came the Rheson denim jacket. Teamed that up with a pair of textured grey lace up plimsolls which are more on the classic and dressy side. When it comes to a look that is meant to be classic? My Go to pair of sunglasses is the Wayfarer. And even though the Aviator and the Clubmasters are equally classic, there’s just something about the Wayfarer that always attracts me to it. And to finish off the look, a apir of golden rim, leather strap wrist watch which is pretty much what men used to wear back in the 90’s.
        I really didn’t wanna add a bag the way I usually do because I really wanted that 90’s Bombay(now Mumbai) street style sense to be captured. But you can always opt for a good leather back pack or messenger bag to go with the look. And even a duffle bag if you want that dandy vibe going on. Also this jacket is so versatile that you can incorporate it to style a trend of your choice. You could do a denim on denim, or team it up with joggers and a longline T-shirt, wear it over and pair that with some boots. So many possibilities.

        I can not stress more about investing in pieces that are highly versatile. These pieces will give you maximum wear for your buck. You would be able to use pair them up with a lot of things and they would last you as well. This is one of those pieces. And you won’t believe this, such a great denim jacket, at it costed me like just 35-40% of what one would usually end up paying for a decent one. And no it wasn’t on sale! So even though it’s a ladies brand, if you can manage to, then do get your hands on this one. See you next time!

Photo Credits: Madhuri Sharma

Jacket: Rheson
T-shirt: Koovs
Pants: H&M
Shoes: ZARA
Watch: Titan
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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