Pink?That’s such a girl’s color! That’s the first thing most guys would say when they see the anything in pink! But somewhere these days that misconception is being tackled in some of the trendiest ways. Like if a girl wears blue, it’s alright and if a guy wears pink, it’s not? I think it’s just hilarious to judge people by the color of their clothes. Also, just so you know, girls really dig a guy who can carry off Pink. It’s a really smart color if worn well. So I think it’s high time we start experimenting with and incorporate pink into our wardrobes.
        It’s a very soft color which adds a lot of character to the outfit in a positive way. Plus it pairs up really well with a lot of colors. Be it white, blues, greys, black, brown, beige. So pairing up this color is also not an issue. Now if you’re looking to get your first piece in pink, I would suggest you go for solid colored pieces in lighter shades of pink. Do not go for a print, however small. Do not pick up pieces that have colors other than pink. It will only make you that much more conscious about yourself. So stick to simple, clean and minimal pieces like T-shirts and shirts to begin with. If you’re too shy, start with accessories like a necktie or a bow tie or a pocket square and then gradually you’ll build up the confidence to carry off even a pink suit.
        Now my last few posts have been more on the classic side. Plus to feature Pink as a shirt with a pair of trousers and a sport coat would’ve been too easy! I mean I could pretty much put that tell you that in a sentence. So I wanted to feature Pink in a street style look. Street style in my opinion, is the most expressive style. It really gives you the liberty to dress the way you feel and the way you like and lets you express your mood like no other style. Plus you don’t ever need to compromise on comfort. So let’s get to the outfit that I have put together.
        Street Style for me is something very personal. And the two things that ideally love in an outfit are, layers and comfort. And that’s what I done in this look along with incorporating Pink in it and making it the focal point. So the Pink element in this outfit is a light Pink, round neck sweatshirt. To begin with, I went for a white longline T-shirt and a pair of light wash, distressed denims. Now comes the Hero, the Pink sweatshirt as a layer, over the white longline T-shirt. This layering of pieces of different lengths is something very significant in the street style scene. Since I mentioned, it’s all about comfort for me, a pair of slip on shoes in grey! A snap back cap to go with the shoes. My all time favorites, a pair of classic wayfarer sunglasses. This outfit has is quite interesting but is still very subtle. So add a pop of color, I chose a navy and red bag with a bright print on it to add some personality. To finish off the look, get some dog tags going and you’re street style look with a Pink sweat shirt is all ready!

Photo Credits: Madhuri Sharma

Sweatshirt: H&M
T-shirt: H&M
Denims: H&M
Shoes: ASOS
Bag : VANS

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