Karate Jacket

       Hey y’all! Hope you guys are doing well. I know it’s been a while since I have posted. But I have been focusing on my styling projects! And you guys should totally check out the details and behind the scenes updates on my insta stories! Now in case you already follow me there and keep a track of my stories, you’ll probably know that there’s this one particular piece that I have been obsessed with off late! And that piece is my quilted karate jacket.
        So basically I had picked up this one almost a year back during one of online guilty pleasure sprees. That whole set of shopping had a very strong inclination towards the Asian influence. If you remember my post about the Kimono? I had shot for this look in Jan 2017 and I figured it’s high time I posted that one considering I’ve been wearing it a lot. I wore it for Bombay Times Fashion Week and at the launch of the new fragrance of Paco Rabanne.
        The piece is a beautiful peach, slightly deep rose gold, quilted karate jacket with a tie. What I love about this piece is that even though it’s such a stand out piece, it can go so well with any type of an outfit. In fact pieces like these are the ones that actually uplift the look and elevate it to a whole new level. It’s super comfortable and even though it’s a jacket, it’s so roomy and comfortable. Plus the quilted pattern gives it a slight vintage vibe and that hint of sophistication. And that’s what I love about this piece. Hands down, I can say that it’s an investment.
        Now you are no stranger to the fact that I do a lot of monochromes. And even though I’ve done too many of those, it’s something that’s never too much. And in case you feel that I’ve done it far too much, well, like I said, this was shot back in Jan! So yeah! Monochrome again! But this time i’ve played around with textures and patterns. So let’s begin and style this baby. First things first, the shirt. I chose to go for this white Chinese collar shirt. This one was actually custom made for me by a designer as a Birthday gift! So it’s kinda special. Plus again, Asian influence. The collar is black with gold detailing. And instead of a pocket, there’s a patch of the same black with the gold motif pattern. Below that, a pair of coffee brown window pane checkered trousers, Speaking of textures and patterns, a pair of sand full wingtip faux suede brogues.
        Now, the karate jacket! If you saw, the look was pretty on fleek as it is. But see what happens when you add the karate jacket. That’s what I’m talking about. Let’s accessorise. You can opt for metallic or a leather strapped time piece. I had worn a brown leather strapped one, which actually has Asian digits but unfortunately it isn’t visible in any of the images. Brown wooden sunglasses, still maintaining the monochrome. And finally, to finish of the look, a brown messenger bag with leather details.
        You can wear this look to any A-list event or a setting where you need to look your best! Dress it up by wearing it over a full Suit. Dress it down by wearing the jacket over a t-shirt or a Henley. Dress it further down by wearing a vest inside or wearing it by itself with your boxer shorts or PJs and your good to go for a slumber night. I’m not too sure where you could get your hands on a similar classic piece, since I had picked it up a while back, there are similar options available at a few places but the prints on it take away from its versatility. So I’d rather have you get one stitched! Preferably in a black or a charcoal or a grey or a navy or a deep olive. Basically in colors that are super versatile.

Photo Credits: Madhuri Sharma

Shirt: SOL by Piyush Dedhia
Trousers: Mr. Button
Karate Jacket: ASOS
Shoes: ZARA
Sunglasses: Wood Works Inc.
Bag: Atorse

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