Tie and Dye Feat. Mint Blush

       Tie and Dye or Tie-Dye is a modern term used for the ancient resist dyeing technique. Basically the process includes, folding, pleating, twisting the fabric as per the desired pattern, binding them with a rope, i.e. Tie. And then dyeing the fabric. The methods used to bind the fabric before dyeing is called resisting, this helps in resisting the dye from reaching certain areas of the fabric, which results in eclectic and articulate patters. Once you figure out this technique, you can use multiple dyes and each time you would be left with a completely new pattern which can rarely be recreated.
        Now the last blog post was about the fusion of Indian traditional and street style. Now this time, since this post too is a part of the festive fusion series, I decided to fuse, Indian traditional with the ancient technique of Tie-Dye with hints of high street fashion. Again far from the over the top blingy and yet still very true to the Indian roots. And for this, I collaborated with a Delhi based label, Mint Blush, by designer trio, Aamir Rajput, Sahil Gulati and Shazmeen Khan. It’s a label that makes creations for both men as well as women. The thing I like the most about this label is that they keep reinventing themselves while maintaining what the brand is all about. No 2 collections of theirs are similar. They showcase a lot of print techniques, beautiful symmetric as well as asymmetric silhouettes, interesting color pallets which finally culminates into an extraordinary final product.
        Let’s Tie-Dye. The pieces that I chose from Mint Blush was this Kurta Pyjama set in green and olive. The kurta has been tied and dyed in a way that the lower portion of it is green and the upper is white and there’s a beautiful ombre effect. While the pyjama has an interesting pattern achieved again by tie and dye. And even though they’re quite contrasting, these pieces work really well with each other. Both the pieces are hand crafted out of the most comfortable and breathable fabric. Which is why I could dare to layer up in this heat while shooting for this look.
        So, we have the tie and dye kurta and pyjama set. Let’s get to styling it. The last post I maintained a more minimal and dressed down look. This time I wanted to dress it up. I layered up using a grey window check blazer. Added woven leather espadrilles in tan. A classic grey and brown back pack. A pair of brown gradient aviator sunglasses. Adding just a lil bling with a metallic time piece and a some rings. If you wanna go all out festive, add some vintage neck pieces or a metallic brooch on the lapel of the blazer and instead of the woven espadrilles, opt for traditional jootis. And you’re good to go for any festive function, be it day time or an evening scene.

Photo Credits: Rahul Gopalkrishanan and his students.

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Kurta Pyjama: Mint Blush (Mint Blush Designs)
Jacket: Mr. Button
Shoes: Desi Hangover
Bag: Bohame
Watch: Tissot
Sunglasses: Rayban

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